I've been doing video work full time since 2008. I started in motion graphics and moved to live event and studio shooting, and now more commercial and promo work for businesses and bands/musicians. I love shooting and editing and I'm a bit of a Final Cut Pro X evangelist. Sorry I'm not sorry.


My wife and I were told we'd never be able to have children. After 4 years of trying, we had our miracle baby in May of 2014. In 2015 we started remodeling our first home. Dad life is crazy awesome and sometimes just crazy!


I'm a nerd. I'm into Apple products, apps, video games and technology in general. I'm also a sucker for gadgets.

My story: How I Got Into Video Production

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Being better
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Everyone wants to do and be better. There are countless gurus, webinars, blogs, keynote speakers and online personalities that work tirelessly to help us do it. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and personal discovery this year. Over … Read More

It’s that time of year again…
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Well here we are in 2017. Where have the years gone? Once again I find myself setting goals and making plans of how to meet them. I’ll share a few of my goals here in hopes that having them out … Read More

Why I started this blog
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I’ve been wanting to have a personal blog for several years. Not so much because I think anyone really cares what I have to say, but more to chronicle things that go on in my personal and professional life. And on the … Read More

What gear do I need to get started shooting video?
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I think a more important question is what DON’T you need. Learning to do great work with nothing is an invaluable skill to have and one that will serve you well on your journey as a filmmaker or videographer. Typically … Read More

How I got started in video production, and the importance of personal work.
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My background: I’ve had several freelance jobs and 2 full time jobs so far in the video production industry. It’s hard to believe that next year marks 10 years of working with video. I went to college for digital media and … Read More